Feel at Home at Moscow & Monica

Moscow & Monica are modern apartment buildings located in the hot neighborhood of Olde Kensington near Northern Liberties on Germantown Avenue in Center City, Philadelphia.

These contemporary apartment rentals feature  modern amenities like stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, parking and keyless entry. They are energy efficient and feature an environmentally friendly green roof. Safety features including our secure gated parking are in place year round to ensure a convenient Philadelphia city-life experience. 

Community Features


This room is equipped with a bathroom and available as shared space to workout or handout.

Apartment Features

Pet-Friendly Apartments

If you’ve got a dog or cat, finding a place to rent can be tough, especially if you’re looking for a pet friendly apartment with all the amenities. We know your pets are like family and welcome most pets for a nominal upfront fee.

Deposit-Free Technology Is Finally Here: There is no need to tie up your funds. The days of your security deposit money being locked away, collecting dust, are over. Residents who qualify for Obligo are not required to pay a security deposit at this community. Instead, you can give a pre-authorization, allowing your community manager to bill you up to a limited amount, just like a security deposit.

You’re Good For It: Obligo will securely test your bank account and available credit to see if you qualify for the deposit-free option. If you don’t qualify, or if you prefer to pay a conventional cash deposit, you can do so using the same online process.

Don’t Spend It All At Once: Obligo members have used the deposit money they saved for savings, to invest, or to reduce debt.

You’re Still Accountable: If your community manager makes a charge against your pre-authorization, you will be able to pay the balance in installments using the payment method of your choice. Unreasonable charges may be disputed – just like a conventional cash deposit.

Deposit-Free Living Starts Here: When it’s time to pay your security deposit you’ll receive a secure link to join Obligo, with more details about this service. For more information, you’re welcome to visit www.myobligo.com